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Members - allowances and expenses

Elected councillors, including the City Mayor, are paid an annual allowance in exchange for the time and expenses they incur on council business.  The law requires that allowances are reviewed periodically by an Independent Remuneration Panel.  The next review will take place in late 2019.

All figures given are gross payments and are subject to tax and National Insurance.

Basic allowance - All councillors receive the same basic allowance.

Special responsibility allowance - Some councillors receive an additional allowance for specific responsibilities such as Committee Chair.  These allowances are set out in the allowance scheme.  The scheme does not permit any individual to receive more than one special responsibility allowance.

Travel and subsistence allowance - All councillors receive this allowance which is intended to cover travel and subsistence costs for all activities within the City boundary.

Telecommunications & Support Allowance - All councillors receive this allowance which is intended as a contribution to council related costs for use of telecommunications at a councillor's home including broadband costs, and other miscellaneous items necessary to support their role as a Member, for example stationery, printer cartridges etc..

From 2016/17 onwards - Additional Expenses/Repayments - Expenses incurred not noted in the previous columns or amounts repaid by Councillors to the Council.  Following revision of the Members' Allowance Scheme, the only additional expenses which may now be claimed are travel and subsistence outside the City and dependant carers' allowance.

From 2010/11 to 2015/16 - Additional Expenses - includes telephony costs and broadband costs were applicable; Items from support package - all items supplied through the support package are procured by Members and Civic Support and remain the property of Leicester City Council and must be returned when the Councillor ceases to be a Councillor.

Members can decide not to claim any element/increase (in full or part) of their allowances.

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